The Company

Datavision was established in 1994 in Cape Town. It is a full service research agency and offers a wide array of research services, including the full range of marketing research methodologies for all consumer, household and corporate markets.

Datavision also provides the full spectrum of branding related content, including: brand books, target market identification, brand positioning, (i.e. brand philosophy, internal mantra, brand essence & external slogan), brand planning and strategy as well as brand architectural mapping in the case of a conglomerate of companies.

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Initial Contact

To contact us, click on the Contact tab. All Datavision’s contact details are listed here. Talk to us via phone, email, WhatsApp or visit us in Cape Town.

Discussion & Planning

Datavision will discuss the details of your project and have a closer in-depth look at your branding and marketing research related needs.

Final Strategy For The Way Forward

Datavision will then provide with a detailed research and/or branding proposal, i.e. quotation within seven working days. There is no obligation on your side in terms acceptance or costs payable.
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Project Execution

For major research engagements the project is broken down into consecutive parts or stages. You will then receive your results over pre-determined time intervals, allowing you to act upon these timeously.

Report Back

Once the Client has received all the reports, Datavision will report back on the results and findings through a facilitated workshop and reveal the way forward both in terms of branding and marketing.

Follow On And Support

Support in terms of guidance and brand reassessment is always at hand in the form of brand integrity measurement which ascertains your progress made over time, and thereby allowing for corrective measures to be implemented.


Providing Tomorrow’s Answers by Solving Today’s Problems

Datavision believes that the cause of any marketing problem (regardless of the extent) can be traced back to the brand or the essence of a company. Thus, Datavision seeks marketing solutions in branding.

Branding a Research Partnership

Datavision believes that one cannot simply compile any brand strategy without solidly founded research. Research and branding go hand-in-hand, the one informs the other.

Partnering With Life

Datavision is unique in that it works in association with academia, researchers and specialists worldwide.
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Our Spectrum of Offerings

Tailor-made Marketing Solutions

Datavision provides cross-functional answers to most marketing problems through the provision of timeous and accurate information. Instead of working in a vacuum, Datavision works across departments and business units to achieve favourable outcomes. This process assures the buy-in from all employees involved in the customer’s value chain and thereby ultimately contributing to the firm’s long term profitability.

Keeping Customers and Building Relationships

In addition, using longitudinal periodic and true panels, Datavision tracks company performance over time. This ensures that any business can act pre-emptively on any performance deviation detected. Monitoring a company’s performance includes among other (but not limited to) the observation of one’s market share, or assessing service failures and accompanying customer satisfaction levels, or determining advertising and promotional recall, or observing website traffic and through put rates, or measuring the effectiveness of one’s customer relationship management (CRM) programme. All in all, assessing these pressure point performance factors one continuously guarantees optimum efficiency and returning clients in the long term.

Brand Development

When it comes to brand development, Datavision assesses which brand aspects in the current brand framework works, which dimensions require adjustments or which ones are completely unusable. In other words, Datavision does not rework or fully redo or redevelop the Client’s current brand if there is no need to do so. It only does what is required. From this engagement, it puts a brand development framework in place by addressing the full spectrum of brand content, including the target market, brand positioning, internal brand mantra, brand essence, and brand slogan (external).

Providing Guidance in The Unconscious Realm of Reality

Datavision also provides direction to fundamental life decisions beyond the realm of consciousness through comprehensive divination readings for businesses and individuals alike. In this regard, Datavision identifies past and future energy patterns by applying for example Pythagoras name grid analysis, Tarot card readings or channelling to seek directed answers in the unconscious realm of reality. This engagement is paramount as it now for the first time views any life situation holistically, i.e. from both sides of reality.


The Owner

Norbert holds a DTech in the specialisation field of research methodology. In his thesis he recommended the inclusion of the metaphysical research design as a way to collect truthful knowledge (see innovative solutions). As an academic, Norbert has presented several papers at international and national conferences in the field of tourism and marketing. He also published widely in a number of accredited journals and authored four academic textbooks, one of which is in Marketing Research (2018).



PO Box 51952, Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002. South Africa


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