The Company

Datavision was established in 1994 in Cape Town. It is a full service research agency and offers a wide array of research services, including the full range of marketing research methodologies for all consumer, household and corporate markets. 

Datavision also provides the full spectrum of branding related content, including: brand books, target market identification, brand positioning, (i.e. brand philosophy, internal mantra, brand essence & external slogan), brand planning and strategy as well as brand architectural mapping in the case of a conglomerate of companies.



Datavision is a full service research agency combining qualitative, quantitative and hybrid methodological strategies in search of strategic marketing and branding solutions.


In finding long term solutions, Datavision engages in both the conventional and unconventional research techniques for providing timeous marketing related information wherever needed.


Datavision offers a complete branding solution to all companies. It does so by integrating strategic research information and applying its own ServBRAND branding model among other to deliver key insights and recommendations, thereby ensuring longevity of your company.

Our Vision

What Drives Us

To be courageous in all our endeavours.

To find solutions whatever it takes, even if it means treading where few dare to tread.

Our Mission

Why We Do What We Do

To provide strategic marketing and branding insights by producing thorough integrated knowledge through an academic, applied and intuitive orientation.



What I do not know I do not think I know
Plato (c. 427 – 347 B.C.)

‘Not knowing’ implies that >> 

We are always seeking the truth
We are aware of our actions and reactions
We are open to criticism and judgment
We are not scared treading into the Unknown with whatever means available
We are not limited by our thoughts
Answers are given
We accept uncertainty
We are always learning
We are listening
We are engaging
We are courageous in our engagement
We are guided by the Source