Finding Answers in The 5th Dimension

Reality as we know it is experienced in four dimensions (d4): three spatial (d3) and one temporal (d4) or mind dimension. All contemporary research is done within these four dimensions. Quantum mechanics however argues the existence of another immediate dimension namely the 5th Dimension (d5) of space – also known as the 2nd dimension of time. This 5th Dimension actually deconstructs the laws of physical reality and provides solutions in the unconscious realm of reality. It is in this realm where Datavision seeks in-depth answers to attain truthful knowledge and ultimately get to the bottom of things so to speak.


The 3rd Dimension is the domain of consciousness and is characterised by its rigidness and predictability. Being transactional by nature, it lies in the dimension of doing, and adheres to the rules of time and space through cause and effect manifestation. Typically, one would advertise more to attract more sales or engage in a social media campaign to attract more hits on one’s website.

The 5th Dimension on the other hand is a realm of being which is much more fluid and flexible than the third Dimension (d3) of space. In quantum mechanics this reality encompasses parallel universes, where time (past – present – future) collapses into a singular instant. How does the 5th Dimension of space manifest itself in our realm of consciousness? Game theory provides an insight as to how it can be applied.

In Game theory, companies would either play the finite or the infinite game of business. Finite players would typically seek to beat their competitors through price wars, or aim to surpass last year’s sales targets, or deliver super profits to shareholders at all cost. However, accepting that it is part of the greater Collective, an infinite game player will envisage, manifest and realise non-linear solutions in the (d5) realm of reality. Thus, instead of confronting and fighting reality head on, the 5th Dimensional player seeks to support itself by accepting and going along with the flow of life. This by itself ensures longevity of the company and aligns itself perfectly to the main premise of branding.

And finally, (d3) cannot exist without (d4), which in itself cannot exist without (d5). They all exist as a collective from a higher level to a lower order of reality.

It is a mistake to conceive of choice and decision-making as a process of selecting from existing options according to a fixed formula. That omits the most important element of decision-making, namely the creation of new options.

― David Deutsch [The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World]


How does one then access this (d5) dimension? Datavision offers some insights.

Assessing (d5) Through Divination: The Tarot

The Tarot, just like psychotherapy, dream interpretations, visualisation or meditation is a way of tapping into the unconscious. The unconscious realm of reality has according to Jung a collective universal component and is among other the home of all positive and creative aspects of reality. In these deep and hidden levels of memory and awareness The Tarot seeks answers through a process called mirroring. A simple example illustrates how this process works. Assume a social media agency has pitched for your business. In deciding whether to use the firm or not, you turned to The Tarot for guidance.

In your analysis you have drawn two cards, The interpretation is as follows:


Eight of Swords

The agency is outside their comfort zone (castle far distant in the background). The company is unsure (blind folded) how to communicate or what to say (swords) and will have difficulty delivering on their premise (the tied and blind folded person on the slippery road can cut herself if not careful).


Five of Pentacles (Reversed)

Furthermore, the company just come out of a difficult financial (pentacles) situation (a cripple and blind person sought support in a church). They are in a process of self-recovery (reversed Pentacles card). It will take time to heal though (they walk away into the unknown). Outcome of your decision: be cautious and reconsider this supplier.

Datavision use a range of divination cards in their assessment of the 5th Dimension. The application of these divination card systems is found in both qualitative research and branding as well as in one’s personal life.


By analysing the content and context of any name be it business or personal, you inherently connect yourself to the universal Source which dictates to a certain degree your overall and unconscious engagement in life. It answers questions such as: does my name have the capacity to generate excess income and wealth? Is it able to communicate and connect effectively with others? For businesses in particular one has to assess how the name aligns to its actual function and operations. Thus, by changing say the spelling of a name, or adding a word, number or letter to it, or rescheduling the launch (birth) date of your new business venture, changes its overall (universal) unconscious engagement going forward.

As an example, the numerology chart for Datavision Consultants tells a lot about the company itself:

Line of actualisation

Using the Arrows of Pythagoras, the chart reveals among other that Datavision functions from a strong disposition of innovation and resourcefulness (#1), is reflective and understanding towards its customers and staff (#2) and has the cunning ability to merge various resources to achieve its material goals (#3). However, Datavision also accepts the fact that it lacks the capacity to generate excess (Godly) wealth (#8).

As a consultancy, Datavision does both personal and business numerological name chart analysis to assist people and companies alike to reach their full potential.