Providing Tomorrow’s Answers by Solving Today’s Problems

Datavision believes that the cause of any marketing problem (regardless of the extent) can be traced back to the brand or the essence of a company. Thus, Datavision seeks marketing solutions in branding. This approach has a twofold advantage: it not only solves the current marketing problem at hand, but it at the same time aligns the consequent actions of the company (which flows from the research recommendations) with its brand essence. Hence, short term problems are solved with a long term or strategic (brand) view in mind. Simply put, Datavision seeks to solve today’s problems to provide answers for tomorrow.


Datavision is unique in that it works in association with academia, researchers and specialists worldwide.  This engagement ensures the following:

Intricate and complex projects receive expert attention
Carefully selected manpower is available for dealing with larger projects
Contracts are handled cost-effectively
Projects receive concentrated individual attention
Research may be done on a piecemeal basis according to the Client’s needs
Client does not pay for unnecessary overheads of keeping unproductive specialised staff on the payroll
Branding a Research Partnership

Furthermore, Datavision believes that one cannot simply compile any brand strategy without solidly founded research. Research and branding go hand-in-hand : the one informs the other. For many companies it might be perceived as a costly option, but for Datavision this is seen as imperative and a non-negotiable option. One builds a house (a brand) from the bottom up.

Given the above, you are in good hands in this regard because Dr Haydam holds a DTech in research methodology and Dr Steenkamp has a PhD in branding. Given this partnership, Datavision offers the full research and branding package to all its Clients.